A family name,
the audacity to change,
the courage to fly.

Felli is a new brand, but with an important heritage which is entirely italian.

Its origins stronger than join bind it deeply to its native territory and to the values of the family that founded it: look up, see beyond, have the courage to be unique.

With this vision plasticWOOD affirms its origins, strong in its experience and in the quality of its products, and changes its name to become Felli.

A family name that gives the brand a new identity, to continue to grow across the new generations, remaining itself, but with the freedom to change and to continue to explore

Felli treasures a technological heritage that has allowed the creation of a unique and distinct material; a perfect balance between nature and innovation, derived from recycled wood and polymers, sustainable and recyclable.
A unique product, because it is authentic and does not imitate. A wood that maintains itself better over time while respecting its true nature.
A wood that is the one and only Felli.

Authentic, elegant and capable of arousing emotions, Felli products continue to offer their customers the velvety softness of wood combined with high technical performance and great resistance over time, making every detail special thanks to a remarkable materiality of textures and colors.

Choosing Felli means choosing a lifestyle, both ethical and aesthetic.

Pillars at the base of the Felli brand:


Made in Felli

  • The family and its heritage.
  • Made in Italy, made in Verona, made by us.
    From us, from Italy, in the world. For a “World” to be protected, today, for the future.
  • Self made production: every product component is realized inside the Felli production sites.


Stability and sustainability

  • The economic stability of the company and its commitment to sustainability. We understand sustainability in its widest sense, committing ourselves to the planet and the people who live on it.
  • A constant commitment to research and product innovation, combined with a deep loyalty to our ethical and moral principles.
  • Extreme care in the relationship with our clients.
    An attentive and helpful service, always by our customers’ side.


Flexibility and personalization

  • Customization oriented to target needs.
  • Cuts to measure and reduction of production times.
    On site flexibility, thanks to the workability of the material.
  • Problem solving approach. Ready for a change of perspective to optimize problem solving.

The personality and style of Felli

Brave, authentic, intuitive, natural.
Felli is a young brand that looks beyond, created to thrill. Every aspect of its products is designed to stimulate the senses: the scent of wood, the softness of surfaces, the materiality of colors and textures. The sensation on the skin, of walking barefoot. A unique sense of well-being.

Felli is elegant, with style to spare and has a strong and unique character.
In its creations nature and technology come together to create products of excellence, able to position themselves in a prestigious market.
Those who choose Felli choose a lifestyle.

Its authentic and determined personality draws strength from its origins and represents an important and fundamental heritage: Felli is a strong brand, which has confidence in its product choices - investing in innovative systems not connected to standards - and in its life strategy.

Its passion has made it well known, allowing it to transfer its style and its Italian spirit to the world with pride and truth.

Felli is beautiful on the inside and touching on the outside.

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